for Children, Teenagers
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Childhood Psychological Assessments
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We offer a wide range of assessments. Our goal is to conduct a very strong assessment so you can be confident in the findings and conclusions. Our assessments serve to give people direction and identify the most helpful recommendations. We provide assessments for individuals 6 years to 85 years old.

Assessments for children & teens: One of our most common types of evaluations we do for children and teens is a psychoeducational evaluation. This type of evaluation is designed to evaluate a person’s learning profile for noteworthy areas of strength and weakness. Based on these we identify the way they learn most effectively and create a plan to help them learn better at school and at home. Learn more about the types of evaluations we offer for children and teens at the link below.

Our assessments will help you identify areas of strength and weakness and form a plan.
Let us help to set you up for success.

Assessments for adults: One of our most common types of evaluations we do for adults is the adult clinical evaluation. This evaluation is designed to determine if a person suffers from a mental health problem such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, or psychosis (for example). Once we know what the problem is we create a plan to help you recover and improve your mental health.

Learn more about the types of evaluations we offer for adults at the link below. All assessments include a written report. The written report summarizes the assessment findings, conclusions, and recommendations. To book a psychological assessment appointment, please call us today at 705-727-1529, email [email protected], or book an appointment below.

Psychological Assessments for Couples and Adults

Why Choose Us?

  • Our psychological assessments are practical, user friendly and designed to help you plan the best next steps
  • Our therapists are highly trained in methods that focus on practical, solution-oriented, and empirically validated to bring about the change you desire
  • We offer culturally informed services to indigenous people (First Nation, Metis and Inuit) and we know how to access funding
  • Secure virtual counselling & in person appointments available
  • Team is led by Dr. Tim Smith, over
    20 years of experience
  • A team approach allows us to find the best match for your needs!