Counselling &

for Children, Teenagers
and Adults.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults, Teens, and Children
Counselling and Psychotherapy for Teens and Adults

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children & Teens

Our staff offer individual counselling for children ages ten through nineteen years. For children younger than ten we usually work with the parents to help the child. We commonly assist children and teens who are struggling with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, reactions to traumatic stress, relationship issues, opposition and defiance, and autism to name a few.

Our staff will consult with parents of children and teenagers. In this consultation service it is common that the child or teenager does not attend the sessions. The consultation service is focused on assisting the parent(s) to make plans and decisions about how they can best help their son or daughter. Consultation can be a very effective method of bringing about positive change.

Our staff are here to help you find solutions and new understanding.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults

Our staff offer individual counselling for adults. We use a short-term approach to counselling which emphasizes the client’s strengths and capacities to bring about change in their daily lives. We draw on multiple schools of therapy which include cognitive behavioral, client centered, solution focused, narrative, and a mindful approach to dealing with stress and anxiety. We commonly assist people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, reactions to traumatic stress, substance abuse, dealing with stress, making important life decisions, burnout and relationship issues to name a few.

We also provide counselling for couples at all stages of relationship. We believe that work in the following areas is particularly helpful for couples: improved communication, increased intimacy, clarifying shared goals and values, and clarifying and re-committing to marriage vows or relationship commitments.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults

Why Choose Us?

  • Our psychological assessments are practical, user friendly and designed to help you plan the best next steps
  • Our therapists are highly trained in methods that focus on practical, solution-oriented, and empirically validated to bring about the change you desire
  • We offer culturally informed services to indigenous people (First Nation, Metis and Inuit) and we know how to access funding
  • Secure virtual counselling & in person appointments available
  • Team is led by Dr. Tim Smith, over
    20 years of experience
  • A team approach allows us to find the best match for your needs!