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Psychoeducational Assessment Services Barrie

Psychoeducational Assessment Services in Barrie

Welcome to our premier center for psychological assessments in Barrie, specializing in focused and comprehensive evaluations for individuals aged 6 to 85 years. Our team is dedicated to delivering robust and reliable assessments, ensuring you can trust in the accuracy of our findings and recommendations. By utilizing a wide range of tailored assessments, we aim to provide clear direction and identify personalized strategies to support psychological development, wellness and learning. Whether you’re seeking insights into learning styles, cognitive strengths, or mental health, our psychoeducational assessment services are designed to empower individuals with knowledge and actionable guidance.

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Understanding Psychoeducational Assessments

What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

At Smith Psychological in Barrie, we offer psychological and psychoeducational assessments tailored for people of all ages. These evaluations are a crucial tool for uncovering each learner’s unique profile, highlighting both strengths and areas that may need support. By understanding their individual learning styles, we can devise personalized strategies to enhance their educational experience both in school and at home. Our approach ensures that each assessment is a comprehensive exploration of how they learn best, setting the foundation for more effective learning support and accommodations.

The Importance of Psychoeducational Assessments

At Smith Psychological, we recognize the significance of psychoeducational assessments as pivotal tools in uncovering psychological challenges to learning. By providing a psychological evaluation of skills and abilities, we lay a solid foundation for accurate diagnoses, which is crucial for developing effective treatment plans, academic support, and accommodations. These assessments are more than just identifying learning differences; they are about understanding the underlying issues that hinder academic and personal development, thereby enabling individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

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Our Psychoeducational Assessment Process

Our process at Smith Psychological is designed to deliver thorough and impactful assessments, ensuring clients can place their full confidence in our findings and recommendations. Each assessment concludes with a comprehensive written report that encapsulates the assessment’s findings, conclusions, and tailored recommendations. This meticulous approach allows us to create a clear path forward for each individual, providing them with the direction and support needed to navigate their learning challenges effectively. Our goal is to illuminate the way for our clients, aiding them in reaching optimal outcomes through a deep understanding of their unique learning profiles.

Psychoeducational Assessments for Children & Teens

At Smith Psychological, we offer psychoeducational evaluations aimed at deciphering each young individual’s unique learning profile. Recognizing areas of strength and weakness enables us to devise personalized learning plans that facilitate better learning outcomes at school and home. Our evaluations are critical in addressing and supporting the educational journey of young learners, ensuring they have the tools and strategies needed to thrive in their academic endeavors. These evaluations are a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive and understanding environment that nurtures the educational growth of the younger population.

Psychoeducational Assessments for Adults

Smith Psychological also excels in providing psychoeducational assessments for adults, focusing on identifying psychological factors that impair learning. These evaluations are a pivotal step towards improved learning and recovery, offering a clear diagnosis. Each assessment culminates in a comprehensive written report that outlines the findings, conclusions, and personalized recommendations. This detailed documentation is a valuable tool for guiding your learning journey and mental health recovery.

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Why Choose Us for Your Assessment Needs?

  • Our assessments provide a deep dive into understanding your unique learning profile, emphasizing strengths and weaknesses
  • We offer specialized psychoeducational evaluations for children and teens, focusing on effective learning strategies
  • Our professionals are not just assessors but also partners in your or your child's educational and psychological well-being
  • Our assessments are thorough, user friendly, and crafted to guide you toward the most effective strategies for educational and personal development
  • Every client receives a detailed written report summarizing findings, conclusions, and personalized recommendations
  • Our assessment team is highly experienced in identifying and planning for various learning disabilities and mental health issues

Meet the Psychoeducational Assessment Team

Tim Smith PhD, CPsych

Psychologist / Owner

Tarah Bannerman

Psychometrist, Office Manager

Samantha Smyth

Clinical Social Worker /  Psychotherapist

Crystal Pacheco

Clinical Social Worker /  Psychotherapist

Tiffany Buchner

Office Administration

Kara Hawkins


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