Kara Hawkins PhD


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Kara is a psychometrist and clinical associate with a strong research background in psychometric and psychomotor assessments. She graduated with her PhD from York University in 2015 and has worked as a psychometrist at the Baycrest Health Sciences Centre, as well as a postdoctoral fellow at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. She has contributed to the neuroscience research literature and is a firm believer in the use of evidence-based practices to support clients and their families.

Kara works alongside Dr. Smith to provide clients with appropriate assessments that will ensure a clear understanding and allow for the best care. It is her hope that the knowledge and understanding gathered through the assessment process will help individuals reach their optimal potential.

Kara is the mother of two young girls. When she is not working, you will most likely find her at a hockey arena either playing or coaching. If not at the rink, she may be at a ski hill, baseball diamond, soccer field, playground, beach, or cottage.

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