Tarah Bannerman B.A.

Psychometrist / Office Manager

A lake with autumn trees reflecting in the water

Tarah is a psychometrist whose goal is to create a comfortable and positive environment for clients to achieve the most accurate result. Her hope is that everyone who enters our office gets the proper support they need to be successful in the classroom, at work and in life.

Tarah has worked alongside Dr. Smith since 2018 guiding clients both young and old through the testing portion of our psychological evaluations. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology and sociology from Trent University.

When Tarah is not in the office, you may find her working on her mind and body by attending a hot yoga class, exploring the trails in the Simcoe County Forests, or heading north to the cottage or a campground to enjoy the great outdoors. Tarah is a mother of two young children who both love the fact that her job is to “help people learn”.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our psychological assessments are practical, user friendly and designed to help you plan the best next steps
  • Our therapists are highly trained in methods that focus on practical, solution-oriented, and empirically validated to bring about the change you desire
  • We offer culturally informed services to indigenous people (First Nation, Metis and Inuit) and we know how to access funding
  • Secure virtual counselling & in person appointments available
  • Team is led by Dr. Tim Smith, over
    20 years of experience
  • A team approach allows us to find the best match for your needs!